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Topic ideas to get you started

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September - Martech

Building and curating a solid martech stack is one of the most important duties of a modern CMO. 

But where to start if you’re building one from scratch? What if you’ve realized your current stack just isn’t fit for purpose? 

It’s these kinds of questions we need to answer!

• A guide to integrating a martech stack with other departments’ systems.

• Innovative ways to utilize existing martech.

• Where you see the future of martech going.

• The best tools to manage and optimize a data-driven marketing strategy.

August 23rd

October - Teams

Without an effective team, what even is a CMO? Probably extremely busy!

But first, you need to build, structure, and manage that team into a well-oiled marketing machine.

After that, you need to consider career progressions, cut down on job churn, and ensure your team is working well with other departments.

That’s no easy task, which is why we need insights from CMOs on how they’re going about it.

• How you decided on your current team framework.

• Advice on how to plot team progression, learning, and development.

• What to prioritize when building a new marketing team.

• How to coach your team in producing actionable insights from the data they have.

September 27th

November - Knowing your customers

Understanding your customers is CMO 101. It’s at the heart of how to build marketing strategies and brands.

But how can you get to know them? Where do you go, and what can you do with those insights once you’ve got them?

• Big changes in your customer behavior and how you responded.

• Key resources for understanding your customers.

• Building customer-centric brand stories.

• Identifying what data is valuable in getting to know your customers.

October 25th

December - The year that was and the year to come

What have you achieved this year? What challenges have you faced, and how did you overcome them? Let the CMOA community know what you’ve learned this year!

On the other hand, what have you got planned for next year? What are your priorities? Any hot trends you’re looking forward to capitalizing on in your role as CMO? We want to know!

• Biggest challenges you overcame in 2021.

• Highlighting the CMOs you’ve admired/learned from the most in 2021.

• Top marketing priorities for 2022.

November 22nd

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