What happens when you put two literature-loving marketers on a podcast episode? You get this deep dive into marketing through storytelling, as Gastón talks about how important it is to tell great stories as a CMO, and which great literary figures they should be drawing influences from.

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Key talking points

  • The importance of great stories to engage with your audience.
  • Common pitfalls many brands encounter when building a story and how to avoid them.
  • Constructing a shared story to engage and align other departments in your company.
  • Great writers and their relevance to modern marketing.

About the guest

Gastón made his start in marketing in big tech, and there’s few tech that’s bigger than Google. He worked with that giant in Buenos Aeries, Sao Paulo, and London. He moved on from Google to take the CMO role for several startups in Frankfurt and London, with his current role helming the marketing for retail space start-up, Appear Here.

Gastón is passionate about storytelling in marketing and has spoken about it frequently, rooted in the lessons he learned from his Masters in Creative Writing.

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